• Adam Tarnow

The biggest mistake leaders make when setting goals

It's a new year. You've got a clean slate and renewed optimism. You, like me, are probably thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2021.

You are setting goals. This is what leaders do. You hate the status quo. You thrive on progress. You love to get stuff done.

However, most of you will not achieve your goals this year. The reason will have nothing to do with the pandemic, politics, or the economy.

Confusion. That's the reason many of your goals will go unmet this year.

Many of you will confuse two words. This confusion will result in unmet goals and increased frustrations.

What are these two words? Check out this latest episode of Here's What I'm Seeing to find out (link below).

Our guest is Dr. Randy Marshall. For over thirty years, Randy has helped leaders avoid confusing these two words.

My prediction: this will be one of the most essential ideas you stumble across in 2021.


Goals & Desires
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