• Adam Tarnow

Ten things every boss wants

I need your help. I’m trying to solve a problem I see out there in the marketplace. I think I’m close to developing a helpful solution, but I know I’m not 100% there yet.

What’s the problem I’m seeing? I don’t know how to say it great, so I’ll say it straight: team leaders are frustrated with their team. To be clear, not every team leader says it this bluntly. But over the last five years, as I’ve met with team leaders, I find myself having the same conversation repeatedly. A team leader is wondering why his or her team is not _______________. You could fill in the blank with any number of things. Things like:

  • More energetic

  • More optimistic

  • More resourceful

  • More grateful

  • More resilient

  • More creative

  • More productive

When I encounter problems like this, I want to help. I sense the reason so many team leaders are disappointed with their team has more to do with clarity than anything else. Most team leaders don’t know how to describe clearly and specifically what they want from their team. So, my friend David Morrison and I set out to create a resource. Every team leader is unique, but many of the leaders we meet want similar things from their team. Therefore, back in January, we started brainstorming and writing. The result is a list of ten words. Ten words that we believe describe what team leaders want from their team. Do you want to know the ten words? Then you’ll have to listen to the latest episode of Here’s What I’m Seeing. We’re sharing the list because we want some feedback. We think we’ve got a great list, but we also know there are probably some ideas missing, some confusing ideas, or some wrong ideas. How can you give us feedback? We created a group on LinkedIn called Team Leader Playbook. We’d love for you to join this group. We aim to create a community of team leaders and finalize this list of words. Once the list is complete, it will provide team leaders with the clarity they desire to communicate what they want. We’re confident this resource will reduce your frustration and increase your team’s productivity. Check it out below.

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