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One Year Old

Next week, my business turns one year old. I started Adam Tarnow & Company on June 16, 2020.

A few numbers. Over the last year, I've…

  • Served around thirty-five different clients,

  • Produced almost seventy-five podcasts,

  • Conducted close to sixty coaching sessions,

  • Described my business twenty-two different ways (at least!),

  • Designed and delivered almost forty customized training sessions for leaders.

I started a list of "things I'm learning" about a year ago. I finished it up this week. To that end, here are ten things I learned this past year as a solopreneur.

1. Talk is a bit cheap. There is a difference between people saying, “your business sounds like a great idea; I bet you’ll be successful,” and people signing an engagement letter and paying you a 50% down payment.

2. Information Technology. I’m learning more about technology than I ever thought possible. I miss you, Scott Miller.

3. Networking. LinkedIn has been my favorite social media experience to date. I haven’t tried TikTok. I hear @theyeetbaby is pretty cute. But, to me, LinkedIn is social media at its most helpful.

4. Equity. I understand why owners are reluctant to give up equity. Getting an organization from 0 to 1 is much more difficult than helping an organization go from 1 to 2. Those involved in going from 0 to 1 deserve to be rewarded for their risk and effort.

5. No more post-office. Stamps.com is pretty amazing. Who knew?

6. Finding a few “feedback friends” has been helpful. When you are a team of one, it’s not easy to get honest feedback on your work, your sales pitch, your website, your branding, etc. Thank you, Brian Neitzel, Adam Landrum, Jeff Strese, David Morrison, Mike Davidson, and Ryan Amerson, for caring enough to say hard things.

7. Business development. It’s easy to tell your family and friends you have a great product or service. However, it’s much more intimidating to look a real prospective client in the eyes and tell them about your great product or service.

8. Accounting. Being an accountant for my own business is way better than just being an accountant.

9. Always keep one eye on tomorrow. I understand why "innovate or die" is a popular axiom. Regardless of how full the pipeline is, don’t take your foot off the gas.

10. In my case, the word "solopreneur" is misleading. My wife has been just as much a part of this journey as I've been. She is the real hero of this first year. Her support, encouragement, feedback, and appetite for adventure have made this possible. When I said, "I do" almost eighteen years ago, I had no clue what a gift I was being given. Jackie Tarnow is the finest woman I know and the best partner in life (and now business).

Thank you! Thank you for reading the emails, clicking on the blogs, and downloading the podcasts. You all have made the early stage of this journey so much fun. Here’s to many more years!

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