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Mindless 2020 Favorites

We made it! 2020 is almost over.

As I reflect on this year, here are some of my favorite things, new finds, and pleasant surprises. Putting this list together helped me realize that 2020 wasn't all negative.

My top five books read (or listened to) during 2020:

  1. Do the Work! by Stephen Pressfield. (Stephen Pressfield is one of my drug dealers...I wrote about him here.)

  2. Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger. (Pure joy.)

  3. Know What You're For by Jeff Henderson. (One of the most challenging books I encountered during the year.)

  4. Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson. (Equal parts disturbing and fascinating.)

  5. Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. (Matthew is a fantastic writer...and an artful cusser.)

Favorite mail order coffee subscription: Onyx Coffee Lab

Favorite shelter-in-place activity for my boys: BMX jumps

Favorite new pandemic hobby: Golf

Favorite new iPhone app: Golf Shot

Favorite TV surprise of 2020: The Queen's Gambit (this show was like Mad Men + Searching for Bobby Fischer...mesmerizing.)

My family's favorite TV surprise of 2020: Final episode of The Mandalorian season 2. (Was this the best 45 minutes of Star Wars material EVER?!?)

Favorite find on YouTube: One Bite Pizza Reviews (It will make you hungry and also, I need to warn you, there's quite a bit of foul language. Dave Portnoy needs to learn how to cuss better. He should reach out to Matthew McConaughey)

Favorite restaurant of 2020: Industrial Pizza (Our Friday night ritual this year)

Favorite things I gave up during 2020: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (I'm smarter now...just sayin'.)

Most regrettable financial decision of the year: purchasing tickets to Disneyland on March 1st. (Who knew Covid-19 would shut down the happiest place on earth?)

Favorite 2020 decision: starting my own business!

This year, like all years, will never happen again. I'm praying we'll all cherish the good memories, learn from the bad memories, and remain faithful and hopeful regardless of what 2021 throws our way.

Thanks for reading!

Keep leading with clarity,


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