• Adam Tarnow

I'm Done Speaking On Conflict Resolution

In my speaking business, conflict resolution is one of the most requested topics. I've been speaking on this topic for at least eight years.

I can't think of a more relevant subject. Organizations are full of people, and people don't have a great history of getting along.

Unfortunately, my messages haven't been helpful. That's my conclusion after eight years of teaching on this subject.

I have the same experience over-and-over again. Each time I speak on this subject, here's what goes on inside my head.

Before the talk: "This is going to blow the audience's mind."

During the talk: "Interesting. They all seem to be sending and receiving a lot of text messages right now."

Towards the end of the talk: "Sheesh. Why do they seem angry with me?"

After the talk: "That did not go well! Oh well. I'll bet they were just tired."

See what I did there? Classic blame-shifting. (NOTE: Whenever the teacher blames the student, it’s usually the teacher’s fault, not the student’s fault.)

Well, early this year, I made a discovery. This discovery connected a few dots in my mind. It helped me see why my messages on conflict resolution were not having a more significant impact on audiences.

This discovery caused me to make a change. For now, I'm done speaking on conflict resolution. Want to know why? You'll need to listen to the next episode of Here's What I'm Seeing (see below).

This week, we discuss the source and fuel of team dysfunction. I believe this episode is helpful for anyone leading a team larger than one person.

Office drama is real. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to address it before it gets out of control.

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