• Adam Tarnow

He's on a what?

"He can't record the podcast until next month." That was the email I received from Adam Landrum's assistant a few weeks ago. I reached out to Adam, asking him to be a guest on Here's What I'm Seeing to discuss a crucial and pressing leadership matter.

He couldn't join me. Why? His assistant said it was because he's on a sabbatical.

A what? A sabbatical? Who does he think he is? A professor?

Honestly, one of my first thoughts, "He's in rehab." I don't know why I thought that. Adam's a stand-up guy, but hey, the pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. I think I've consumed too much celebrity gossip over the years.

Well, I didn't want to wait until next month to talk to him. I went around his assistant. I texted him and said, "You're definitely coming on the podcast. I have questions."

Adam obliged, and we ended up recording a fascinating conversation. He's not in rehab, and this sabbatical is not a fancy way to say he's taking an extended vacation.

He's been a small business owner for almost nineteen years. This sabbatical is coming at a crucial time in his life and the life of his business. Adam has a plan and a structure he's following to make sure this time away is restful yet productive.

One of his answers messed with me. My final question was, "what would you say to the person who feels like they could never take a sabbatical?" His answer is still rattling around in my head. Check it out below.

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