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It's a great time to be a learner. As I discussed in my email a few weeks ago ("I Know Kung-Fu"), learning is a vital aspect of self-leadership. As leaders, we have to take responsibility for our learning. Learning keeps us relevant (full of new ideas) and humble (it reminds us we know less than we think we know).

Lucky for us, we are living in the Golden Age of Learning. YouTube, Master Class, blogs, podcasts, audiobooks, print books, digital magazines, webinars, online classes; the options are limitless.

What I find crazy is that most of the items I just listed are free. That's why I call this the Golden Age of Learning. I think some of that might start changing here in the next twelve to eighteen months, but for now, take advantage of what's available!

This week, I want to share some audio that I've found helpful. To that end, here are five pieces of audio that I believe are worth your time and attention:

PODCAST: Patrick Lencioni discussing his Six Types of Working Genius framework. I'm finding Lencioni's new framework immensely helpful in my journey and with my clients. Check it out: Episode 391 of the Carney Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast (1 hour 15 minutes).

PODCAST: How Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief built Morning Brew. I'm not a subscriber to Morning Brew, but I found their story fascinating nonetheless. You'll be inspired not to overthink your ideas and just start something. Check it out: How I Built Resilience: Alex Liberman and Austin Rief of Morning Brew (31 minutes).

PODCAST: Socialism 101. Honestly, I was scared to hit play on this one, but I'm so glad I did. Planet Money did a great job with this episode. I learned a lot, and I think you will too. Check it out: Socialism 101 (24 minutes).

AUDIOBOOK: Born Standing Up by Steve Martin. As someone who tries to create engaging content and made a career transition in the past year, I was so encouraged by this audiobook. If you like Steve Martin's comedy, you’ll love this. If you are under forty years old, you probably won't like it, so keep scrolling. Check it out: Born Standing Up* (4 hours 22 minutes)

PODCAST: $69 Million JPEG. The artworld is being turned on its head. Once again, Planet Money for the win. Very informative. I think we're only going to hear more and more about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This is a great primer. Check it out: $69 Million JPEG (23 minutes)

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