• Adam Tarnow

Finish It!

If you exhibit three qualities, then Jeff Weiner would like to work with you. Who's Jeff Weiner? He's the executive chairman of LinkedIn.

What are the three qualities? Dream big, get stuff done and know how to have fun.

His famous Tweet explaining this was sent in 2014. Now, 2014 feels like forever ago, but I'm sure his sentiments haven't changed.

Honestly, it's a pretty great list of qualities. Who wouldn't want to work with people like that?

However, to quote our friends at Sesame Street, "One of these things is not like the other." I believe one of those three items is considerably more difficult than the other two.

It's not "dream big." Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, knows how to dream big. If you don't believe me, just substitute the word "dream big" for the word "opinion." See? Told ya. Everyone knows how to "dream big" about their preferred future.

It's also not "know how to have fun." It's never been easier to have fun. We live in the "golden age" of fun. Video games, YouTube, streaming services, board games, edible cookie dough, sports, hobbies, Mark Whalberg movies, iPhones. We're drowning in a sea of fun!

So, that leaves "get stuff done." To me, that's the one that's not like the other. That's the most difficult item on Jeff Weiner's list.

Why? Because we're too busy dreaming up ways to have more fun! Our life is full of distractions. Most of us are not looking to do more work, we're looking to do less work. The siren call of fun is tempting us every day.

Here's the reality: you cannot win a race you don't finish. Period.

Starters are all over the place right now. Idea people are a dime a dozen. Talk is cheap. The secret to success has, and always will be, finishing.

That's why I invited my friend Greg Crooks to join me on Here's What I'm Seeing. Greg is all three of those qualities Jeff Weiner looks for in a teammate.

Actually, Greg's better. He not only dreams big, has fun, and gets stuff done, but he also cares deeply about people.

I promise this episode will help. If you want to learn a simple way to make finishing a part of your life, then check it out.

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