• Adam Tarnow

Do these tools help?

Who doesn't love a good personality assessment? Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Six Types of Working Genius, DISC, StrengthsFinder 2.0, PXT, and Kolbe are some of the most popular assessments out there today. It seems like every year we're introduced to a new one. Who knows what will be released next?

These assessments all make big promises. They promise to help you “unlock mysteries” or “discover secrets” about yourself and others. The developers make it sound like the key to a simpler and more productive life is understanding yourself and others better.

Here’s my question: do these tools help? If I better understand myself, does that really make life simpler? If teams use one of these tools, do they become a better team? Does understanding personality differences make teams more effective?

Mark VanDellen joins me on Here’s What I’m Seeing to answer this question. Mark is an executive coach and a leadership development consultant. Mark has extensive experience using one of these tools. He shares his personal experience and how he’s seen this one tool positively impact teams. Check it out below.

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